Regular Paper Shredding

Regularly scheduled document shredding is highly important for businesses as it plays a crucial role in maintaining information security. In today’s world, where concerns about unauthorized access to data are significant, properly disposing of confidential papers becomes vital. These papers could include private business strategies, financial records, client details, and employee information. If not handled correctly, they might be misused by malicious individuals. Following a consistent shredding routine not only reduces the risk of data breaches but also ensures compliance with data protection rules. By regularly disposing of old documents, companies can enhance their reputation, build customer trust, and demonstrate their commitment to keeping information confidential. Essentially, sticking to a document shredding plan isn’t only about safeguarding sensitive data—it’s also about showing honesty and attention to business operations.

It was meant to be confidential, we’ll keep it that way.

This service is meant for:
Daily on-site protection of all your sensitive documents until a regularly scheduled shred interval

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What Does This Service Include?

Sunrise Shred ensures that the documents entrusted to us in our locked, phishing-proof containers are transported by one of our trained document destruction experts into our on-site shred truck and the paper is pulverized and destroyed, safely and securely.  100% of the paper we securely destroy is then recycled.

  • Regularly scheduled pick-up
  • A Certificate of Destruction after every service
  • All pulverized paper is 100% securely recycled
  • Lockable and tamper-proof containers
  • A secure chain of custody

How it Works


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Certificate of Destruction after each service


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